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"Original, sigh-worthy, and laugh-out-loud funny! Darcy gets his feathers trimmed a bit and Elizabeth learns how far she will go for true love. Our dear couple shine as never before in this magical twist on their timeless romance."

~Nicole Clarkston, author of Rumours and London Holiday

Transforming Mr. Darcy: A Magical Pride and Prejudice Variation

What if Elizabeth Bennet had a fairy godmother?

Elizabeth Bennet is envious of her sister Jane. Not for her beauty or her disposition, but because her fairy godmother is everything that Elizabeth's is not.

When Mr. Darcy insults Elizabeth’s looks, Mildread Driftwort is incensed to hear her handiwork defamed. Now, instead of nursing the grievance herself, Elizabeth is forced to defend this conceited man who has no idea what he’s done.

Fitzwilliam Darcy is scandalized to witness Miss Elizabeth Bennet speaking to herself at a country assembly. After refusing to dance with her, he begins to experience a variety of inexplicable illnesses. He can’t sleep, he can’t speak, he can’t even walk. Then something even worse befalls him—he discovers he is falling in love with her.

Despite Elizabeth’s warning, Mr. Darcy commits blunder after blunder. Yet as she works to mitigate Mildread’s wrath, Elizabeth realizes that Mr. Darcy is not the unmannerly oaf her fairy godmother believes him to be—and though she is certain nothing can come of it, she is falling in love with him.

As magic swirls and the couple faces impending disaster, Elizabeth finds that Mr. Darcy may not be the only one who is transformed.

This is a fluffy, funny, fairy-tale Pride and Prejudice variation novella of approximately 30,000 words.

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A Gentleman's Honor: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Someone wants Elizabeth Bennet dead. It’s all Fitzwilliam Darcy’s fault.

Elizabeth Bennet wants the truth from Mr. Darcy. When she follows him from the ballroom to insist upon it, she becomes an unwilling witness to a scandalous scene. And for once, she cannot blame Mr. Darcy for disdaining his company. Not even when he departs Netherfield in the middle of the ball.

When Darcy returns to London, he leaves both Miss Elizabeth Bennet and his growing infatuation for her behind. Or so he believes. For soon, their paths cross again under the most painful of circumstances.

Elizabeth suddenly finds herself dependent upon Mr. Darcy. With the gradual unveiling of his character, she is surprised by a burgeoning affection for him. Will her heart survive their inevitable parting?

Thrust together out of necessity, Elizabeth and Darcy must discover the culprit responsible for their predicament. But whoever has harmed Elizabeth is still looking for her, and Darcy cannot hide her forever.

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I Never Knew Myself: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Elizabeth Bennet is living a lie.

She’s known since she was fifteen that she isn't truly a Bennet, but who is she? Are the people and places that appear in her dreams just a sign of her active imagination, or are they memories of her true family? Could the stories she'd told Jane when they were children not be stories at all?

Fitzwilliam Darcy is reliving a nightmare.

He hasn’t dreamed of “Ellie” Windham in years, but after meeting Elizabeth Bennet, he is reminded of the day little Ellie was kidnapped. And now he is left to wonder whether he is drawn to more than her fine eyes.

When Darcy realizes that Elizabeth and Ellie might be one and the same, he is anxious to return her to the Windhams, and Elizabeth is no less eager to meet her family. But when the idyllic reunion she longed for goes awry, both Darcy and Elizabeth wonder whether it’s really possible to put a broken family back together again.

Can Darcy help Elizabeth find her place in her first family so she can one day join him in his?

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Drawing Mr. Darcy: Sketching His Character

When Thomas Bennet's childless aunt and uncle ask that one of his five daughters come to stay with them, he knows just which girl to send. Bright, energetic, and endlessly inquisitive, his little Lizzy is poised to become the apple of her father’s eye and the target of her mother’s fears. Neither will promote family harmony.

When she returns to Longbourn as a young woman, Elizabeth Bennet Russell has had an unconventional upbringing. She is in possession of an important name, a fine education, a good fortune, and a love of drawing. When her parents ask her not to use her Russell surname while she is home, she reluctantly agrees. After all, nobody she knows will meet her in Hertfordshire.

She’s mostly right.

Drawing helps Elizabeth to literally sketch people’s character, and she’s become rather good at it. But she’s about to face her greatest challenge yet. Netherfield Park is let at last, and her good friend's much older brother--whom she has yet to meet--has arrived as a guest.

It will take Elizabeth more than a drawing to help her understand Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy.

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Drawing Mr. Darcy: A Faithful Portrait

Ever since Mr. Bingley and his party arrived at Netherfield, Elizabeth’s pleasant sojourn at Longbourn has been upended.

For the first time, drawing someone’s portrait has not been enough to understand his character. Although Elizabeth Bennet Russell has sketched Mr. Darcy’s expressions often and with great care, she still cannot figure him out—that is, until he confesses that he has fallen in love with her.

By the time Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy share a dance at the Netherfield Ball, they seem well on their way to a happily-ever-after. Then her cousin, the Marquess of Tavistock, arrives from London with news: Elizabeth’s Aunt Olivia is seriously ill, and there’s been a threat against both Russell women. It’s not long before there are also rumors floating around London about the source of Phillip Russell’s wealth. This is in addition to the letter purportedly written by Darcy’s father insisting that his son marry Anne de Bourgh as well as several disturbing thefts from Darcy's own townhome.

As the attacks pile up, tempers begin to flare. Will Darcy be able to stop the culprit before Elizabeth's powerful Russell relations try to separate them for good?

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Courage Rises: A Pride and Prejudice Continuation

The Courage Series Book 1 

Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam, recently returned from the battlefields of Spain, calls on his cousin Darcy to help him fulfill a troublesome debt of honor. In her husband's absence, Elizabeth is faced with an influenza outbreak at Pemberley, and she must make a dangerous decision to keep everyone alive.

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Courage Requires: A Pride and Prejudice Continuation

The Courage Series Book 2 

Darcy has returned to Pemberley to find his wife Elizabeth expecting and growing increasingly ill. When she invites the enigmatic Hawke sisters and the Fitzwilliams to join them for the festive season, will the company provide the friendship and solace Darcy hopes for his wife? Or will the Earl's opposition to Richard's love interest divide the family?