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An accident at Pemberley leads to the revelation of a family secret--and might give Darcy a second chance to win Elizabeth's heart.


Fitzwilliam Darcy has been working to improve himself since Elizabeth Bennet’s scorching rejection of his proposal four months ago. When he discovers her touring his home with her relations, he invites them to stay, hoping that this time, there will be no mistaking his ardent admiration.


Elizabeth is just trying to fall in love in peace. But when she and Darcy stumble across a hidden treasure, her visit at Pemberley becomes a study in character to rival any London season. And it isn't just Mr. Darcy's character that is more intricate than she expected.

Now Available!

Miss Elizabeth Bennet isn't the only one with an embarrassing family . . .

Elizabeth is poised to decline the second proposal of marriage she has entertained in the past five months. That is, until she is interrupted by Mr. Darcy's cousins. The resulting accident ends with a second proposal--but it's not Mr. Darcy's.

Darcy knows he's had a near escape. He's determined to change Miss Elizabeth's opinion of him, but to do so, he will have to change himself. In the process, family secrets are laid bare, prejudices are questioned, and pride--well, he may always be a little proud. He’s a Darcy, after all.

Now—how to convince Elizabeth to become one, too?

An Accidental Proposal is the third standalone novella in the Accidental Love Series. If you enjoy funny stories with smitten heroes, clever heroines, and more than a dash of romance in the regency world of Pride and Prejudice, this is the series for you.

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He loves her. She might love him back. All they need is a second chance.

Fitzwilliam Darcy doesn’t want to think about how he has failed Elizabeth Bennet. He just wants to do his duty—stand up for Charles Bingley at his wedding—and leave for Pemberley. But one mishap after another delays his departure, and sharing Netherfield with the newlyweds sends him into hiding.

With Longbourn so close and so much time to think, Darcy realizes that he has never truly apologized to Elizabeth. So he does what he always does when his emotions run high.

He writes a letter.

Elizabeth Bennet hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Mr. Darcy since he last left Hertfordshire. All she has left of him is a letter she has read nearly to pieces, the memory of three promising summer days in Derbyshire, and many unresolved feelings. So she takes a page out of Mr. Darcy’s book.

She writes a letter.

‘Tis the season for second chances as Elizabeth and Darcy must contend with meddlesome family, an unwelcome guest, and an approaching snowstorm before they can hope to rewrite their love story.


England’s best mages are called to Pemberley in their youth. Elizabeth can’t understand why she’s always left behind.

Not only does her father neglect to correct what must be an oversight, he won’t allow her to use her most powerful magic at all. Each year, he further restricts Elizabeth’s movements. She can no longer wander beyond Longbourn’s boundaries, and he locks her chamber door at night with magical charms.

She allows her father to believe that his efforts are enough to keep her home. But when first her elder sister and then her youngest sister are called, Elizabeth is finished pretending. On the last day of the fifth moon, she defies his father’s edicts by following her sisters through the portal to Pemberley.

Not everyone is pleased to see her.

Since the attack five years ago that left Fitzwilliam Darcy in charge of hundreds of young mages, he and his cousin have been keeping a dangerous secret. The last thing he needs to add to his crushing number of responsibilities is training an uninvited mage—even a pretty, intelligent one—whose magic is unusual and unpredictable. The portal is closed, however, so he cannot send her back.

He is not an easy master. She is not a compliant pupil. Still, Elizabeth is determined to find her place at Pemberley, something Darcy admires. Her talents are a puzzle, though, and her strength often falters. Perhaps there was a reason she was never called.

Yet Darcy has no choice but to continue working with Elizabeth. For the secret he’s been keeping is beginning to unravel, and Elizabeth’s unique magic may be the only way to keep Pemberley from unravelling with it.

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"Melanie Rachel is an excellent author, and she’s hit the jackpot again with this book, for the plot in particular is excellent and completely holds your attention. Highly recommend."

-Careful Reader,

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What do you do when the woman you’re trying to forget saves your life?

Fitzwilliam Darcy believes he has finally conquered his infatuation with Elizabeth Bennet, until an unexpected encounter at a London theatre ends in near disaster.

As scandal threatens, Darcy must examine his highly-prized sense of duty before he can admit he is in love—and that he has no idea what to do about it.

Elizabeth is determined not to be forced into an unhappy marriage like her parents, but every step she takes to distance herself only brings her closer to Darcy. Is it bad luck or is it fate?

This is a Pride and Prejudice novella of about 45,000 words.

Will an accident result in a Christmas miracle?

When Elizabeth Bennet escapes out of doors in the aftermath of a most unwanted proposal, an injured Charles Bingley is the last person she expects to see. That is, until she discovers the handsome, insufferable Mr. Darcy loitering near the road to Longbourn several hours later.

When Fitzwilliam Darcy flees Netherfield to escape Bingley’s sisters, he has no intention of finding himself at Longbourn in the presence of the intriguing woman he is desperate to forget. But accidents have a way of revealing hidden truths, and soon he doesn’t know how he could ever bear to leave her.

An Accidental Holiday is the first standalone novella in the Accidental Love Series. If you enjoy funny stories with smitten heroes, clever heroines, and more than a dash of romance in the regency world of Pride and Prejudice, this is the series for you.

Not much in Fitzwilliam Darcy’s life has been unexpected.

Until now.

As an officer in His Majesty’s service, Darcy’s life is completely mapped out before a letter from home sets him on a new path. He has inherited his family’s fortune, but as the former master’s great-nephew, he is not certain why.

With his cousin Richard Fitzwilliam in tow, Darcy visits his former commanding officer to learn what it takes to run an estate. He is quickly captivated by one of Bennet’s many daughters, but he fights the attraction. His new duties require his full attention.

Elizabeth Bennet has grown up as a general’s daughter, not a pampered country miss. Though her family has lived as gentry for several years, a part of her still longs for the freedoms her former life afforded.

Despite his insulting speech and gruff manners, Elizabeth suspects that the clever, handsome Mr. Darcy is as anxious to find his place in the world as she. Yet she must be reasonable. With his wealth and family connections to the peerage, Mr. Darcy would never consider her.

When trouble comes to Longbourn, can Darcy and Elizabeth conquer their reservations and fight this battle--together?

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