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"Original, sigh-worthy, and laugh-out-loud funny! Darcy gets his feathers trimmed a bit and Elizabeth learns how far she will go for true love. Our dear couple shine as never before in this magical twist on their timeless romance."

~Nicole Clarkston, author of Rumours and London Holiday

What if Elizabeth Bennet had a fairy godmother?

Elizabeth Bennet is envious of her sister Jane. Not for her beauty or her disposition, but because her fairy godmother is everything that Elizabeth's is not.

When Mr. Darcy insults Elizabeth’s looks, Mildread Driftwort is incensed to hear her handiwork defamed. Now, instead of nursing the grievance herself, Elizabeth is forced to defend this conceited man who has no idea what he’s done.

Fitzwilliam Darcy is scandalized to witness Miss Elizabeth Bennet speaking to herself at a country assembly. After refusing to dance with her, he begins to experience a variety of inexplicable illnesses. He can’t sleep, he can’t speak, he can’t even walk. Then something even worse befalls him—he discovers he is falling in love with her.

Despite Elizabeth’s warning, Mr. Darcy commits blunder after blunder. Yet as she works to mitigate Mildread’s wrath, Elizabeth realizes that Mr. Darcy is not the unmannerly oaf her fairy godmother believes him to be—and though she is certain nothing can come of it, she is falling in love with him.

As magic swirls and the couple faces impending disaster, Elizabeth finds that Mr. Darcy may not be the only one who is transformed.

This is a fluffy, funny, fairy-tale Pride and Prejudice variation novella of approximately 30,000 words.

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